Dog Trainers of Massachusetts

Amazing Canine

amazing canineDogs were not created to live their life confined on a leash. The Amazing Canine program is the first program to help you unleash your dog’s true potential! Our off-leash training programs takes all the basic on-leash skills and behaviors from the Well-Mannered Dog, but we expand on this skill and knowledge and transfer these skills to full off leash control with ecollar. All the commands are trained under heavy levels of distraction in many different real-world environments.

Off leash obedience program includes:

(All Well Mannered Skills)

  • Sit, Down, Leave it
  • Walking Manners, House Manners
  • Walking in Heel, Developing recall command, Place Command
  • Proper behavior in public around dogs and people
  • Working with heavy environmental distraction levels
  • Off Leash Recall
  • Trail Hiking/Bike Path
  • Yard Boundaries

The Amazing Dog Program is for the owner who wants to be able to take their dog for a nice relaxing walk around the neighborhood but also is to be able to take their dog to the local field for a run and good quality exercise. Having your dog fully off leash is the first step in unleashing your dog’s true potential.