Dog Trainers of Massachusetts

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you train at a facility?

We specialize in one-on-one training in your home. We believe since your dog will spend the majority of their time with you in their home environment this is the best place to start teaching our training system.

Do you offer group lesson?

While we mainly focus on train one on one training. We do occasionally have clients meet ups or host a group training session at a local field. Our personal dogs are used for dog socialization during weekly training.

How long are the training programs?

Each program varies in length. We do not believe in quick fix one session style dog training. The best program for you and your dog can help be decided during your in-home consultation.

How does the in-home training work?

We meet once a week for approximately one hour at your home to train your dog together. You will be provided with a binder of information on each command and behaviors as we each it to your dog. This will be your required homework to practice with your dog in-between sessions.

What is a board and train program?

A board and train program is designed for your dog to come and live with us in my home with my family and dogs, while receiving their training. These programs are more geared toward a busy person or family without the available time necessary to successfully train their dog.

Will my dog listen to me after a board and train?

Absolutely! We provide a series of follow up lessons after your dog have completed their stay with us to ensure you and your dog are both fluent in the new behaviors and skills your dog has learned while staying with us. You are also provided with updates and videos of your dog while they are staying with us to receive their training.

How long is a board and train program?

The length of board and train programs varies. We offer 14 day and 21-day programs. The length is subject to change based on your dog’s goals and behavioral issues. The length best for your dog will be determined during your dogs in home consultation

What is leashed vs. unleashed?

A leashed program is a fully on leash program, where an unleashed program is off leash training. Off leash training teaches all of the on-leash skills but then gets transferred to a remote e-collar system giving you and your dog off leash capabilities.

What is an ecollar? Is it a shock collar?

No, an ecollar is not a shock collar. We consider ecollars to be a ½ mile, waterproof, invisible leash. They give us consistent control of our dogs no matter where we are when our dog is off leash. They are never used as a tool of punishment but rather a tool of communication. Most of the information on the internet about electronic training collars is incorrect.

Do you offer electric fence training?

No. We believe in using training to teach our dogs to stay in our yard. An electric fence is merely a device used to contain our dogs and does not teach them anything. An electric fence is a device that we cannot control, it is self-activating. Once it is set to a certain setting it is only activated by our dog’s proximity to the fence and this can be counter productive to effective dog training.

We have kids. Can they be involved in training?

Children are welcome to be involved in the training as much as they would like. We have a great amount of experience with children and dog. We include fun games and structured rules to help your child and dog live a happy productive life together.

How old should my puppy be to start training?

Puppies can start learning from us the moment we bring them into our homes. 8 weeks is generally the appropriate age for a puppy to be brought home

Do you use crates?

Yes. We are strong believers in using the dog crates as tool in our training system. It is also a matter of safety when a dog cannot be supervised. This does not mean your dog will be required to use a crate for their entire lives but begin comfortable in a crate is a skill every dog should have.

Is my dog too old to be trained?

No. Any dog can learn from their owner and develop new skills and behaviors. Typically, an older dog is just a little more stubborn and set in their ways. This can make it appear as though they are reluctant to learn but once they get immersed in the system they will thrive. We have also seen older dogs take to the training right away as though they have been missing it their entire lives.

Is there a training guarantee?

We can guarantee our training is successful because we so many happy clients and their happy dogs to prove it works. But those results are because of their hard work and dedication to the training system and to their dog. Our clients get out what they put into the training.

Will the dog only listen to one person?

The more training and practice put in by each and every family member, will help your family to have universal control of your dog at all times.

Do you use treats?

Yes. Treats are a great motivator to some dogs and can be greatly beneficial when developing skills and training behaviors. We do ween our dogs off of treats after they have become fluent in the behavior asked of them.

How much does the training cost?

The cost is determined by an in-person consultation. The variety of services we offer reflect our ability to provide you with the greatest value for your dollar, not the cheapest price. Our prices are competitive for our area, for the services provided, and for the extraordinary degree of knowledge and skill we are providing our clients. Our prices are also subject to change due to additional operational costs and other expenses.