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We  have had four dogs over the years and five dog trainers.  With our  current dogs, I found that Dan was the best at explaining their behavior  and at helping us learn how to guide them.

Peyton P 


Dan is an excellent trainer. We tried  several approaches to get our young Lab under control with little  success. Dan was able to determine the best way to train her - and us!   We now have a dog who understands the rules and willingly complies  (most of the time) and we know how to address the mistakes when she  forgets. Thank you, Dan!

 Karen M. 


Dan came to our house to help us with our 6 year old bischon, Buddy, who was marking everywhere in our house. Dan spent over an hour with us and Buddy, observing and talking with us about Buddy’s needs. To our amazement, following our meeting with Dan, we began initiating some of his suggestions and Buddy has not had one marking accident in two weeks!! Thanks, Dan!

Mary Ann & Mike A.