Dog Boss' Goal

Our goal at Dog Boss dog training is to make life as enjoyable as possible with your dog. After all, you got your dog to be able to enjoy them and their company, not to add stress to your life. Through advanced communication  techniques we are able to teach you and your dog how to live a more enjoyable stress free life together. 

Our Programs are designed to stop everyday behaviors such as jumping on guests, begging for food, and pulling on leash to more advanced training. Do you dream of having your dog off leash able to run and come back when called? All of this and more is possible with Dog Boss Dog Training.

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In Home Dog Training Programs

The Perfect Puppy

This program is offered as an in home or residential program. The course focuses  on your puppies development from 8 weeks to 6 months of age. Your puppy will learn the foundation of basic obedience along with household manners and problem solving puppy behaviors. (chewing and mouthing) Your puppy will learn their pack structure for their new forever home 

The Polite Pooch

Everything the new owner need for their dog to become dependably trained. This program includes basic commands of sit, down, and leave it. Loose leash walking, crate manners along with the foundation of heel and place. 

The Well Mannered Dog

The well-mannered dog program includes everything from our Polite Pooch  program but goes a step further developing your dogs complete on leash control. This program covers walking in heel in public, greeting people and other dogs and developing all the skills learned in the Polite Pooch all while under distraction. 

The Amazing Canine

The Amazing Dog program is the first of our off leash programs. This includes everything from our Polite Pooch and  Well-Mannered on leash packages but introduces the beginning of your dog's off leash obedience. In this program, your dog will learn to perform all commands  under distraction with an e-collar. 

The Dream Dog

This comprehensive program takes your dogs training to the next level. You  will have full off leash control and your dog will flawlessly execute all obedience commands in any environment under all levels of  distraction.

Behavior Modification

Dog Boss specializes in modifying your dogs negative behaviors that are affecting your life. Everything and anything from anxiety in certain situations to non stop barking at the window. Behavior modification can be added to any program to be included while making your life easier and more manageable with your dog,.

Board and Train Programs

Canine Jump Start


The Canine Jump start is one-week board and train, on leash obedience program where your dog spends one week with us in our home. We expose your dog to a variety of training environments and start their journey to becoming a well-trained member of doggy society. 


After one week of training with us, your dog will have mastered all their on-leash manners and will be on their way to off leash reliability.

Canine Camp Out

 Our Canine Camp Out is a two week residential program where your dog will  live as a member of our pack while they undergo their training  transformation. They will be exposed to a variety of environments and  situations to ensure flawless obedience.

This package includes all basic commands, full on and off leash obedience, appropriate in home and travel behaviors.